January 2010

Editor’s Note: Ameryka´nska Powie´s´
In one of my fi rst editor’s notes, I made a passing reference to overcoming dyslexia when I was a child. The quick hit I did on the topic was intentional, as I had shared this secret with only a handful of people over the years.[…]

February 2010

Editor’s Note: Let Freedom Ring
In the summer of 2006, I took a long, meandering road trip from the bottom of the country all the way to the top. The trip was billed as “research,” but it was much more than just the gathering of facts. This trip was a chance to relive history — for better and for worse — in an attempt to gain a sense of what life was like in the country’s midsection.[…]

February 2010

Editor’s Note: What’$ in a Name?
About an hour southeast of Dallas lies one of the more picturesque hamlets in all of Texas. It borders Cedar Creek Lake, which in itself is a vacation paradise. The lake is replete with 220 miles of shoreline and three islands that are maintained and monitored by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department as wildlife sanctuaries for aquatic birds. […]

March 2010

Editor’s Note: Familiar Vacation
I’m the type of guy who doesn’t do too well with change. I’m still wearing the same clothes from college (and some from high school) because they still fi t and they’re not all ragged. I still don the same pair of shoes every morning that I bought in the fall of 1996 (these are ragged and they barely fi t, but they look cool).[…]

April 2010

Editor’s Note: I’ve Looked Around Enough to Know
If you want to succeed in any endeavor, it’s a good idea to look back on said endeavor’s successes and failures. The best doctors are not only familiar with historical medical practices, but they also keep up-to-date on contemporary procedures and breakthroughs.[…]

April 2010

Editor’s Note: Calculated Game of Chance
“And that, I think, was the handle — that sense of inevitable victory over the forces of old and evil. Not in any mean or military sense; we didn’t need that. Our energy would simply prevail. We had all the momentum; we were riding the crest of a high and beautiful wave.”[…]

May 2010

Editor’s Note: National Pitluk’s Padre Vacation
I LOVE MY COUSIN RONNIE. We’re a generation apart, as he grew up with my father in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, before I was even a zygote. But over the years, we’ve become more than just family; we’ve become good friends. Our paths have serendipitously crossed, yet they’ve done so with Ronnie Wish standing still. He continues to reside in a century home in Nyack, N.Y., and that home has been my refuge ever since I was 21.[…]

May 2010

Editor’s Note: Homecoming
One book I keep close to my heart (and close to my fi ngertips as a reference guide) is Thomas Wolfe’s You Can’t Go Home Again. It was published in 1940, but it serves as a timeless allegory for those of us whose career paths have put us in other parts of the country or world.[…]

June 2010

Editor’s Note: Are You Ready for Some Fútbol?
I’d never seen anything like it. Never. Ever. Never ever. And I’d been around. Chaotic, outrageous, outlandish and sometimes downright romantic victory celebrations were not new to me. Because I’m a sports fan.[…]

June 2010

Editor’s Note: To This Place
Should fate and circumstance collide in a most cerebral manner, and should you fi nd yourself smack-dab in the middle of America, then take a moment, won’t you, to survey your surroundings, breathe deeply, and if you’re not en route to a business meeting or a wedding or some other engagement that demands decorum, stick your hand in some Midwestern soil.[…]

July 2010

Editor’s Note: Good Guy Finished First
It’s hard to be a Cleveland Indians fan. Don’t believe me? Just stick Major League at the top of your Netfl ix queue to see what I mean. That movie, released in 1989, pokes fun at my beloved Tribe, long bedeviled by blooper-reel seasons, poor attendance and the infamous 30-year slump.[…]

July 2010

Editor’s Note: Earnest Timmy’s Rolling Mother
I looked out over a sea of buzz cuts and ponytails just minutes before my professional debut . They were an unruly mob, all rebellious with their untucked shirts and social awkwardness. A crew like this didn’t come together very often, and this amalgamation of eighth-grade boys from University School (US) and eighth-grade girls from Hathaway Brown and Laurel schools looked anxious.[…]

August 2010

Editor’s Note: Honor at the End of the Day
JOURNALISM IS NOT a profession in the way that law is a profession. Or medicine. Or education. There is no governing body, no board exam, no licensing requirement. A college degree isn’t a prerequisite at many publications.[…]

August 2010

Editor’s Note: 7 Ain’t Lucky for Me
Just look at this picture. I mean, come on. Sure, it’s been 23 years since number 7 drove down the fi eld on that freezing January afternoon in less time than it took to eat a stadium hot dog and chug a Black Label beer, all while crushing the hopes and spirits of an entire city.[…]

September 2010

Editor’s Note: True Grit
It’s 106 degrees in the shade. The pounding, unbearable glare from that fi ery orb steams and cooks and bakes everything it encounters. The tarmac is so hot that the sun’s intense rays seem to bend on contact, causing a fi eld of mirages for mile after mile of sole-melting, tire-burning pavement.[…]

September 2010

Editor’s Note: Human Cost of Trafficking
Somnang was a karaoke baby . she wasn’t planned. She wasn’t acknowledged. She wasn’t provided for. Her birth was nothing more than an accident — one of the far too many accidents that are the end result of prostitution rings linked to the karaoke-bar scene in the Third World.[…]

October 2010

Editor’s Note: A Case of the Mondays
If I were to walk outside and take the elevator to the eighth fl oor of the parking garage, and if I looked north/northeast, with the right kind of eyes, I would actually see back in time. Over yonder way — past the crisscrossing freeway overpasses and the big hole in the ground that once was Texas Stadium — lies a hamlet of corporate proportions.[…]

October 2010

Cover Story: Island Therapy
In the early morning calm and from a white-walled medical examination room, past the blue steel door and tucked away from the aquatic wonderland fl anking the perimeter, the young Dutch boy sits with widened eyes and rapt interest.[…]

November 2010

Editor’s Note: PacMan Cometh
ALL THROUGH THE hotel — in the lobby, at all seven bars, on the gaming fl oor — a light roar gradually picked up momentum. What started out as a few rogue cheers that blended in with the already noisy MGM Grand Hotel & Casino slowly crescendoed into a cacophonous symphony of claps and hoots and whistles.[…]

November 2010

Editor’s Note: The Sanctuary
KIMBERLY AND I made the leisurely drive around Camelback Mountain as dusk slowly settled over Paradise Valley. A local Phoenix radio station hummed in the background while we took in the sights, the sounds and, thanks to windowsdown autumn weather, the smells of the Sonoran Desert.[…]

December 2010

Editor’s Note: Apprentices and Professors
It’s beautiful up here. Beautiful and peaceful. In all my life, I’ve come to fi nd that these moments are when I’m at my happiest. When it’s one of those cloudless days; when the entire country has a sky that’s unblemished and the jet stream is smooth.[…]