January 2014
Editor’s Note: The Growl of Poetry
No, this is rust-under-your-fingernails, dustin-your-eyes, blood-in-your-mouth poetry. This is the kind of poetry that reflects the maddening of souls and chronicles a yearning for justice. This is the kind of poetry that was shaped[…]

January 2014
Editor’s Note: Powder Hounds
NEVER A MORE jarring sight had I seen than that of a 250-pound football player blazing down a mountain like an out-of-control freight train, carving out the crag as he did, faster and deeper than 10 million years of meandering glacial meltwater. That is until I saw three other large guys following[…]

February 2014
Editor’s Note: Fresh Fish
PERHAPS THE ONLY TYPE of tale more enticing than a good fish story is a good fish-out-of-water story. You know the kind: when someone is taken out of his or her comfort zone and hilarity ensues. More enticing still is the fact that fish-out-of-water stories are, for the most part, true, whereas the fish that got away is usually of […]

March 2014
Editor’s Note: An Antiquated Art Form
I’VE BEEN THINKING lately that I should stop this writing business and start an Italian restaurant. You know: the kind where the atmosphere screams family first, even when the customers’ kids aren’t screaming; the kind that has strings of […]

March 2014
Editor’s Note: Win-Win
IT WAS RIGHT around the time a sweet lady came into my hotel room — toothy smile preceding her entrance as she arrived to rescue me from my own stupidity — that I began to[…]

April 2014
 Editor’s Note: Take a Chance on Her
I WAS AT the American Airlines ticket counter at Los Angeles International Airport not too long ago when I witnessed one of the funniest requests I’d ever heard, at an airport or anywhere.[…]

April 2014
 Editor’s Note: Here’s Where the Story Continues
AFTER AWHILE, you forget how much time has actually passed since those days. But then you hear a particular song that you haven’t heard in years, or you’re cleaning out the garage and digging through your old CD and cassette[…]

May 2014
 Editor’s Note: The Rhythm of Time
LONGTIME READERS OF this column may remember an entry called “Green Grow the Rushes,” which ran in the April 15, 2009, issue of American Way.[…]

June 2014
Editor’s Note: Homecoming
LET ME INTRODUCE you to Flight Attendant Class 2014-08, or, as I like to call them, our children. I’m not trying to sound paternal or patriarchal, mind you. Nor am I trying to sound pedantic. Rather, I’m crowing about 2014-08[…]

July 2014
Editor’s Note: Feel the Vibration
THERE MUST BE something delightful and enchanting about a place that stays at the forefront of your memory year after year, for decades. For me, it’s a place called Emerald Bay on the southwest shore of Lake Tahoe.[…]

August 2014
Editor’s Note: Think Cool Thoughts
MAN THAT BREEZE feels good. It’s 98 degrees in the shade here in Dallas, and there aren’t enough swimming pools or air conditioners to stymie this stifling heat. Not too long ago, when I was out in West Texas with a buddy, we literally tried to fry an egg on a desert rock.[…]

September 2014
Editor’s Note: Stay Just a Little Bit Longer
SOMETIMES I GET this crazy idea that I’ll pack up my family and we’ll board a plane and take off and start over somewhere. Whenever we return from a trip, the wanderlust that put us in a particular place fails to wear off.[…]

Editor’s Note: A Mother’s Love
HELLO, MY NAME IS KIMBERLY and I am BRCA2 Positive. I have known I am BRCA2 for five years now.” Heads around the room nod in agreement as if they understand. That’s because they do. They are either BRCA2+ or they know someone who is.[…]

November 2014
Editor’s Note:I’ll Be On Your Side
I DID SOMETHING while crafting this column that was unusual enough to warrant mention in the column itself. Two things, actually. First, I turned it in uncharacteristically late, which I haven’t done one single time — neither through snow nor rain nor heat nor […]

ANGELINA JOLIE’s direction in the highly anticipated UNBROKEN corroborates the widely held belief that she is among the most compassionate people in the world.[…]