January 2015

LEARN TO FLY: On the Road with Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters Listen up children, because this here is a history lesson about the music your parents grew up on. Long, long ago, right about the time Daddy had to start shaving regularly and Mommy started noticing Daddy noticing her[…]

February 2015

Editor’s Note: Here We Are You may have noticed with my November 2014 column that changes were coming for American Way. That motion was seconded with the December 2014 “Editor’s Note,” and it was really hammered home with the relaunched, […]

March 2015 Editor's Note
March 2015

Editor’s Note: BEGINNINGS Morning broke early for those guests in Beaver Creek, Colorado, who were geared up and anxiously awaiting the 8:30 a.m. clock-strike. That’s when the chairlifts opened. True skiers and snow boarders can’t wait[…]

April 2015
April 2015

Editor’s Note: THIS TRAIN IS NEVER GOING BACK Please do me a favor and, in advance, excuse the stream-of-consciousness nature of this column. It’s an experiment of sorts that was inspired by one of the greatest stream-of-consciousness thinkers of the last[…]

May 2015
May 2015

Editor’s Note: BUENOS AMIGOS Halfway through reading the page proofs for this issue, I was overwhelmed with nostalgia for times gone by. It was one of those longing feelings that made me close up the laptop, and then close my eyes and[…]

June 2015

Editor’s Note: STORY OF A LIFE I CAN SEE MYSELF, IT’S A GOLDEN SUNRISE. “Daddy!” my 6-year-old, Lilly, screams as I walk through the door. She rushes toward me and barrels into my stomach while throwing her arms around my waist. “Hi, baby,”[…]

July 2015

Editor’s Note: MIAMI MUSINGS For a few hours a day over the course of a few months, I felt tough as nails. The crew I was running with was composed of some of the baddest dudes in Miami, which thereby put them high in the running for […]

August 2015

Editor’s Note: Wicked Wisdom Let me know if this scenario seems familiar: There was someone in your past who left an indelible mark on you. Perhaps an old fling; maybe an old friend. Maybe it was your frenemy, long before […]

September 2015

Editor’s Note: Smashmouth Sustenance Let’s forgo the standard are-you-ready-for-somefootball? speak and start off by agreeing that yes, we are. Most likely because the high-drama 2014 season ended with the professional-sports equivalent of a hanging chad. (Sorry for that dated reference. #GetCurrent.)[…]

September 2015

Picking on Nashville: History channel star Mike Wolfe has set up shop in Music City and has become one of its main attractions[…]

October 2015

Editor’s Note: Things Aren’t Always What They Seem Take a close look at the picture on the far left and tell me what you see. At first blush, it looks like a busted ski trip: Four buddies, ready for the rides of their lives, trek all the way across the continent to a mountain hamlet, only to learn that there’s no snow.[…]

November 2015

Editor’s Note: In the Spirit of Crazy Horse somewhere over what I calculated to be central Nebraska, my daughter Maddy looked out the window from flight 5792 and said aloud, “Wow, this country is so big!”[…]

December 2015

The Hills are Alive: There’s no better place to celebrate the winter solstice than where it all began: St. Moritz, Switzerland[…]

December 2015

Editor’s Note: These Days What a Year. We greeted each other in January as two recently merged companies — US Airways and American Airlines — working toward a common goal[…]